Asia Gerichte und Wein


This ensemble of fermented vegetables – Chinese cabbage & radish – is served in Korea along with many diverse foods; even soups are flavoured with it. The most prominent spicy flavours are ginger, garlic – and usually a lot of hot chili.

The picture shows the dish kimchi and a glass of white wine.
© AWMB/Blickwerk Fotografie

Pairs well with

  • A mature and robust Riesling or Grüner Veltliner will play off the spiciness with texture, especially if acidity is well integrated and sweet extract is present. 
  • A full-bodied and luxuriant Roter Veltliner grown in loess soils will soften the fire, as will an off-dry Gewürztraminer with its vivid aromatics. 
  • Once again Zweigelt works beautifully with chilis and fiery flavours because of its deep fruit and modest tannins; so do matured Zweigelt cuvées.
  • With a fruit-driven Beerenauslese, the contrasts of sweet and spicy become quite lively on the palate.