Asia Küche und Wein

Lamb Biryani

A variety of curry spices, cashew nuts and ­raisins transform this lamb stew into a ­harmonious festive meal. The rice is fried before cooking, which gives it a nutty aroma, saffron additionally refines it.

The picture shows the dish lamb biryani and a glass of riosé wine.
© AWMB/Blickwerk Fotografie

Pairs well with

  • A soft, classic Zweigelt with velvety tannins complements this dish beautifully and also embraces the spice of the accompanying kimchi. 
  • The sweet extract & concentration of a reserve level (or Smaragd) Grüner Veltliner combine beautifully with both the spicy & nutty components of the marinade. 
  • The acidity of a Riesling Reserve (or Smaragd) brings freshness & backbone to the dish, while the fruit and extract provide a charming contrast to sesame and even to the kimchi, with the wine’s texture and complexity.