Roast Duck, Martini Goose
Gebratene Ente, Martinigansl

Wine experts are divided over duck and goose: red wine or white? Duck the question by choosing the wine to match the cabbage instead: white wine with white cabbage, and for red cabbage, red wine.

© AWMB/Blickwerk Fotografie

Pairs well with:

  • Grüner Veltliner to roast duck. An elegant, medium-bodied Grüner Veltliner with mineral characters is a classic favourite. Other, less aromatic varieties suit the dish as well.
  • For the red wine, a fruity Pinot Noir served slightly chilled is very fine.
  • Blaufränkisch and blends pair well with roast duck breast.
  • The "Martini" goose (named after St. Martin's Day, 11 November) requires either opulent white wines, or young red wines (such as Zweigelt) served slightly chilled. Alternatively, go for a rich and voluminous estate grown red wine.