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Facts & Figures

Export Graphic 1985-2018

List of Most Important Export Countries

Wine Export 2018: Wine from Austria: More Record Exports, Domestic Predominance

Wine Export 2017: Austria's High-Flying Wine Exports

Wine Export 2016: Austria’s Wine Exports are Booming

Wine Export 2015: Austria’s Wine Exports 2015 Stagnate Due To Low Harvest Yields

Wine Export 2014: Austria’s Wine Exports Continue on Successful Course

Wine Export 2013: Austrian Wine Export Revenues Hit Record High

Wine Export 2012: Wine Export Revenues Increase Despite Tight Supply

Statistics Report

Areas under vine by grape variety and region

Austrian Vintage Information

Austria's Vintages: overview

Austrian Vintage 2019: good quality, average volume

Austrian Vintage 2018: Taking the Heat

Austrian Vintage 2017: Vintage 2017 - Convincing across the Board

Austrian Vintage 2016: Austria’s Wine Harvest 2016 – reduced quantity, top quality!

Austrian Vintage 2015: Vintage 2015 – A Year of Rejoicing for Winelovers

Austrian Vintage 2014: Austria's 2014 Vintage – Worth The Struggle

Austrian Vintage 2013: The Austrian Vintage 2013 – A Year Full of Surprises

Austrian Vintage 2012: Austria's 2012 Vintage: Lower Quantity, High Quality

Austrian Vintage 2011: Austrian Vintage 2011 - good wines, good quantities

Austrian Vintage 2010: A Happy Ending with Small Quantities

Austrian Vintage 2009: Austria´s 2009 Vintage - The Rule of 9 Series

Austrian Vintages 1986-2016: Austrian Vintages 1986-2016

Ratings, Awards & Special Occasions


クリス・ヨーク氏- オーストリアワインマーケティング協会の新代表に

Austrian Qualitätswein: four new grape varieties

Steiermark: The New System of Origin for the Steiermark

Rosalia: a Grosslage becomes a DAC-region

Sekt g.U.: Klassik and Reserve released

Austrian Sekt g.U. Grosse Reserve Takes the Stage

Vinexpo Explorer: VINEXPO launches new brand concept – Austria is the first host country

Developments in the Austrian Wine Law: The Wine Law: Dynamic Austria

Frost Damage Spring 2016: Frost Damage in Austria's Wine-growing Regions

ProWein 2017: Wines from Austria at ProWein 2017


Ski amadé: Ski amadé: Things are especially tasty in Austria’s very best skiing area

Austrian Sekt: Austrian Sekt g.U. Klassik & Reserve released

Sustainable Austria: Sustainability in Austria's Vineyards

DAC & Origin

Origin Typical Quality wines - DAC


Weinviertel DAC

Mittelburgenland DAC

Traisental DAC

Kremstal DAC

Kamptal DAC

Leithaberg DAC

Eisenberg DAC

Neusiedlersee DAC

Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC

Rosalia DAC

Vulkanland Steiermark DAC

Südsteiermark DAC

Weststeiermark DAC

Carnuntum DAC

Austrian Grape Varieties

Grüner Veltliner: Austria´s Secret Weapon

Riesling: King of the Grape Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc: Wonderfully Diverse

Blaufränkisch: So Magnificent

Zweigelt: Seductive Charm

Austria's Culinary Culture

Wine typology of Austrian wines

Wine & Fine Dining

Culinary Brochures