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オーストリアワインに関するニュース 2018



 –  Evan Saviolidis informs about Zweigelt and its status as top planted red grape in Austria and its characteristics. もっと読む

 –  Tomako Ebisawa, managing editor from Vinotheque writes about the 2018 vintage, Vievinum and the new DACs in Austria. もっと読む

 –  Stuart Pigott tasted 500 wines from the regions along the Danube, focussing on Riesling and Grüner Veltliner. もっと読む

 –  Alain Bélanger introduces Austria as red-wine-country and informs about the typical DAC regions for red wine. もっと読む

 –  Darrel Joseph gives a short overview of the Austrian viniculture and the trend towards a biodynamic production. もっと読む

 –  Kurt Ganapathy takes a short journey through the Austrian wine world and informs the readers of Cuisine&Wine Singapore about the Highlights of VieVinum 2018. もっと読む

 –  Anne Krebiehl, MW writes about the importance of Austria´s red wines, which cover one third of the total vineyard area. She furthermore introduces the most important grape varieties and their typical cultivation areas. もっと読む

 –  Under the theme “The best red wines in Austria” – made by Austria´s young winemakers, Caroline Furstoss tasted 83 wines from Niederösterreich and Burgenland. In her article she summarises her impressions and experiences. もっと読む

 –  Anne Krebiehl, MW presents places to eat, drink and sleep. She also informs her readers about some insider tips. もっと読む