Here you will find all the valuable content for the creative design of your promotion with Austrian Wine. Content elements such as texts, images, icons, maps and logos as well as our wealth of knowledge of food and wine accompaniments and the new vineyard maps are available to you. Share your passion for Austrian Wine through your initiative!

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Our Instagram channel @austrianwine offers many cool features to help you create your very own Austrian Wine-messages on Instagram. Try out our Austrian Wine filters or pimp your Instagram stories with our GIFs. Here are two quick guides for you on how to use them both.


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We provide a lot of content on our website, both images and text, which you are welcome to use for your own online channels at any time. Be it a text about your wine-growing region or a picture on the subject of Austrian wine and cuisine. Additionally, we provide you a collection of icons you can use within your Austrian wine campaign.

Please note that the images are only permitted for online use within an online campaign promoting Austrian Wine. Make sure to mention the photographer and the rights holder in the copyrights.

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There are many hundreds of pictures in our gallery. They allow a lively insight into the dazzling dynamics of the wine country Austria. The pictures are available for download in the gallery under consideration of the rights of use.

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Download Maps

In order to have a better orientation in the multitude of the wine-growing places, vineyards and sites, both wine experts and ambitious wine enthusiasts alike will appreciate these detailed maps.

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Austrian Wine Knowledgebase

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Training document

Our Austrian Wine Indepth Training document provides a compact, comprehensive and up to date version of the most important topics in the world of Austrian wine.

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Winegrowing regions

You would like to know more about Austria's wine regions? What defines them, which wines are typical and on which soils they grow? You can find this and other useful and interesting information here.

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The picture shows vinyeards in the winegrowing region Wachau

7 Elements

As artisanal products crafted by winemakers with a special link to their land, Austrian wines consistently demonstrate their potential at international blind tastings. There is a distinctive tension common to all these wines which should be emphasised, based on seven factors.

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To keep abreast of the latest news from our winegrowing industry we do recommend that you check our press releases regularly.

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Austrian wine & dine

Austrian wines offer the perfect accompaniment to an array of dishes and food styles, from Central European to Mediterranean cuisine, right through to Asian and Oriental dishes, Ethnic and Fusion food types.

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Vintage Charts

In an increasing terroir-orientated wine production, the influences of soil and microclimate, as well as weather conditions and vegetation period are gaining more significance. To get a detailed overview of all Austrian vintages have a look at our vintage charts.

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The origin of a wine is extremely important within the wine industry. It is a key indication of the quality and is generally closely linked to the wine’s terroir. The narrower and more specific the origin, the higher the quality that can be ascribed to the wine.


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Printed Austrian vineyard maps

Now, new single vineyard maps of all winegrowing regions are available in printed form, showing all single vineyards that have been legally defined as such. The level of detail and cartographic standards also represent a milestone for the Austrian wine industry.

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The Austrian Wine Marketing Board organises lot of presentations and fairs in- and outside of Austria. Classic "Austrian Tastings" and commented tastings, that take up current topics of the austrian wine world, are held in the most important export markets.

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