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As we see out the old year and ring in the new, Austria’s unique wines turn every meal into a feast and every gathering into a wonderful celebration. The finest Sekt ensures a festive atmosphere, while elegant white wines and mature reds are the perfect accompaniment to the traditional turkey or goose with all the trimmings. Exceptional sweet wines make special moments stretch out into an eternity. Whether you are catering for your loved ones or just want to enjoy a moment of indulgence yourself, Austria’s winegrowers have a whole treasure chest of wines for your festive season!

Fine wine for festive indulgence

A festive dinner

The end of the year is the season of indulgence. “Mmm! That smells delicious!” is a phrase that we hear repeatedly – when freshly cooked dishes are brought to your table in a restaurant, when the first Christmas cakes and biscuits are being baked at home, or when the turkey is roasting away in the oven.

As if by magic, the first wine glass appears on the table and the ultimate question follows – “What wine shall we have then?”

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Aged to perfection

The best guests deserve the best wines! The finest Austrian wines have been a long time in the making and only reveal their full potential after several years spent maturing in the bottle. What better time to enjoy these treasures than the festive season? 

Now’s the perfect moment for enjoying wines from 2019 (a once-in-a-century vintage!) for example, as well as those from 2015, 2013 and 2011.  

Discover the wines

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Bring out the Sekt!

Contrary to popular belief, the best bubbles aren’t found in the bathtub! The best bubbles are nestling in bottles of outstanding Austrian Sekt – just waiting for the cork to be popped! The effervescence on your palate sweeps aside the monotony of everyday life and adds a sparkle to any occasion – whether you’re enjoying a quick aperitif, a cosy gathering or a delicious autumnal or Christmas menu.

Sekt Austria guarantees the perfect sparkle with three categories of quality: Klassik, Reserve and Grosse Reserve.

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Wine tips for the festive season

The perfect gift for every taste

Gifting Austrian wine is bound to bring joy to the receiver. It is first-class without being elite. It is familiar and yet still manages to bring an element of surprise and delight. The world of Austrian wines offer something for every taste.

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Inspiration for enjoying wine at home

Taking time out to enjoy yourself is undoubtedly a top priority during the festive season, so why not enjoy a tasting session with a selection of different wines? Whether you taste the wines in a small group or online, it is easier than many people think. The most important things you need for wine tasting are curiosity and a penchant for wine.

You can find an introduction to wine tasting at home here, including various ways of organising the session, how to choose the right glass and the ideal serving temperature. It also includes tips for online wine-tasting gatherings. Enjoy!

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