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Austrian Vintage Information

Ratings, Awards & Special Events

Ein Bild zeigt einen Weingarten bei Langenlois im Kamptal.

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Austrian Grape Varieties

Austria’s Culinary Culture




Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Statistics Report: ブドウ畑の面積、ワインとゼクトの生産と消費、ワインの輸出など。

Export Graphic 2000-2021 (JPG)

List of Most Important Export Countries (PDF)

Wine export 2021: The greatest export growth in the history of Austrian wine

2020 market figures: On-trade sales slump not recouped through other channels

輸出する 2019: 2018ヴィンテージの恩恵、新たな輸出記録

Wine Export 2018: Wine from Austria: More Record Exports, Domestic Predominance

Wine Export 2017: Austria's High-Flying Wine Exports

Wine Export 2016: Austria’s Wine Exports are Booming

Wine Export 2015: Austria’s Wine Exports 2015 Stagnate Due To Low Harvest Yields

Wine Export 2014: Austria’s Wine Exports Continue on Successful Course

Wine Export 2013: Austrian Wine Export Revenues Hit Record High

Wine Export 2012: Wine Export Revenues Increase Despite Tight Supply

Austrian Vintage Information

Austrian Vintage Information

Austria's Vintages: overview

Austrian Vintage 2023: Turbulent weather, very good wines

Austrian Vintage 2022: Great quality after a challenging year

Austrian Vintage 2021: A dream vintage for Austria

Austrian Vintage 2020: A challenging, yet rewarding year

Austria’s Vintage 2019: The legend of the ‘Niner’ lives on!

Austrian Vintage 2018: Taking the Heat

Austrian Vintage 2017: Vintage 2017 - Convincing across the Board

Austrian Vintage 2016: Austria’s Wine Harvest 2016 – reduced quantity, top quality!

Austrian Vintage 2015: Vintage 2015 – A Year of Rejoicing for Winelovers

Austrian Vintage 2014: Austria's 2014 Vintage – Worth The Struggle

Austrian Vintage 2013: The Austrian Vintage 2013 – A Year Full of Surprises

Austrian Vintage 2012: Austria's 2012 Vintage: Lower Quantity, High Quality

Austrian Vintage 2011: Austrian Vintage 2011 - good wines, good quantities

Austrian Vintage 2010: A Happy Ending with Small Quantities

Austrian Vintage 2009: Austria´s 2009 Vintage - The Rule of 9 Series

Austrian Vintages 1986-2016: Austrian Vintages 1986-2016

Ratings, Awards & Special Events

Ratings, Awards & Special Events

Austria defines the legal basis for an official vineyard classification system


Austria’s first digital wine atlas unveiled

Protection of origin for sweet wines from Lake Neusiedl

Wachau now a DAC region - Austria's family of protected and designated origins has grown


クリス・ヨーク氏- オーストリアワインマーケティング協会の新代表に

Austrian Qualitätswein: four new grape varieties

Steiermark: The New System of Origin for the Steiermark

Rosalia: a Grosslage becomes a DAC-region

Sekt g.U.: Klassik and Reserve released

Austrian Sekt g.U. Grosse Reserve Takes the Stage

Vinexpo Explorer: VINEXPO launches new brand concept – Austria is the first host country

Developments in the Austrian Wine Law: The Wine Law: Dynamic Austria

Frost Damage Spring 2016: Frost Damage in Austria's Wine-growing Regions

ProWein 2017: Wines from Austria at ProWein 2017


Ski amadé: Ski amadé: Things are especially tasty in Austria’s very best skiing area

Austrian Sekt: Austrian Sekt g.U. Klassik & Reserve released

Sustainable Austria: Sustainability in Austria's Vineyards

A picture shows red and white grapes

Austrian Grape Varieties

© Austrian Wine/Manuel Zauner

Austrian Grape Varieties

Grüner Veltliner: Austria´s Secret Weapon

Riesling: King of the Grape Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc: Wonderfully Diverse

Blaufränkisch: So Magnificent

Zweigelt: Seductive Charm

A picture shows a Wiener Schnitzel with potatoe salad and a glass of Austrian white wine.

Austria's Culinary Culture

© Austrian Wine/Blickwerk Fotografie