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The Raw Wine fairs take place in cities all around the world, including London, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto. The fairs aim to bring people together who have a passion for organically and biodynamically produced wines.

RAW WINE Montreal

19 - 20 November 2022

10 am - 6 pm EST

This year the Raw Wine fair takes place in Montreal for the third time and Austrian Wine will be part of this event with a brilliant masterclass led by Michelle Bouffard, founder of the Climate Change Conference.

RAW WINE Toronto

16 November 2022

10 am - 6 pm EST

In 2022, the Raw Wine fair, which has already been successful in many other cities, was also held in Toronto for the very first time. On the program in Toronto was also an exciting masterclass organised by Austrian Wine. The Masterclass was led by Christopher Sealy, Wine Director of some of the best restaurants in Toronto, like for example the Alo Restaurant.



27 - 28 March 2022

10 am - 6 pm EST

For the first time, Austrian Wine presented wines at the “Austrian Wine Discovery Area” at the New York spring fair. Here, guests discovered a great selection of Austrian winegrowers who are new to the Raw Wine community as well as winegrowers that could not travel to the US. In addition, a masterlcass led by Pascaline Lepeltier together with the winegrowers present on site gave participants an insight of what is going on in Austria while discussing biodynamics.


RAW WINE Los Angeles

3 - 4 April 2022

10 am - 6 pm PST

The masterclass, led by Helen Johannesen and the attending winegrowers, gave an insight into the developments of the viticultural landscape in Austria and was dedicated to the topic of biodynamics.



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